Friday, March 27, 2009

The Arminée Shawl

See corrected version here.
I used Elsebeth Lavold silky wool, charcoal colored, 3 1/2 skeins, and size 7 U.S. needles.

Errata - if counting rows as odd only, row 11 should have a yarn over before and after the center pivot column, it's the 6th row up from the beginning. Thanks Dennis!
The interlocking Diamond modules should also have a left decrease after the yarn over at the "bottle neck". the 4th Module up on the right should also have the same stitches as all the other modules. dang, it's hard to rewrite these things from your notes into a legible chart.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Arminée Scarf

Adaptation of a stitch pattern from Lisl Fanderls "Bäuerliches Stricken" books.
There is also a larger triangular Shawl version, I only have my handwritten chart for that though. I'll publish that pattern when I get it charted up legibly. My beautiful assistant Maisie helped me block it on the Attic floor.
Click on Image to see it larger.

Oooops, forgot to say that I used Elsebeth Lavold silky wool on size U.S. 8, 5mm needles.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dog Hair Blanket

A friend in Wyoming who had a half Coyote dog had saved the hair from brushings and wanted a blanket knit from the yarn that she had made from it. I gamely went along and even knitted outside while spending time with my dog and the pig. It was such a big project that I wanted to work as much as possible and get it done with.
Using a shawl pattern from MMario over at Men Who Knit.
I cast on for 4 shawls and knit in the round from the center out. It got really big.
Maisie was kind enough to pose with the finished blanket. I imagine her fur would yield a very similar yarn.
A detail shot.
In order though, to show how big it really is, Partner also stood by it.
I told you it got really big.