Monday, March 9, 2009

Dog Hair Blanket

A friend in Wyoming who had a half Coyote dog had saved the hair from brushings and wanted a blanket knit from the yarn that she had made from it. I gamely went along and even knitted outside while spending time with my dog and the pig. It was such a big project that I wanted to work as much as possible and get it done with.
Using a shawl pattern from MMario over at Men Who Knit.
I cast on for 4 shawls and knit in the round from the center out. It got really big.
Maisie was kind enough to pose with the finished blanket. I imagine her fur would yield a very similar yarn.
A detail shot.
In order though, to show how big it really is, Partner also stood by it.
I told you it got really big.


anne said...

Lars, your work blows my mind!!! you are fantastic!
see you in May

knittink said...

Gigantisch! Wie lange hast du daran gesessen?
Ein wirklich tolles Stück.

Unknown said...

That is amazing --- and beautiful. I'm dazzled!

Lars said...

Anne, aw shucks....

Andrea, es war fast 4 Woche, ich bin selbst überrascht wie schnell es ging, ich war en Bisschen besessen.

Kathleen, thank you!

Anonymous said...

this is amazing. i don't know if i could ever tackle a feat this big. maybe one day...

Natty said...