Sunday, August 8, 2010

To market, to market... a grocery bag.

Portland is considering banning plastic grocery bags. I agree, the litter they create is immense. I cannot, however, endorse the use of paper bags. The line of trees left along the highways does not hide the miles and miles of deforested land behind them.
I decided to revist the traditional european string shopping bag. I looked around on the internet and found some knit or crochet option patterns. I took that info and came up with this.

I had a 5 pound cone of 12 ply cotton/ poly string. I weighed my finished bag and had 8 ounces/.25 kg. Any cotton, hemp, linen string would be acceptable.
I used a 24 inch/60cm size 6US/4mm and a US10 1/2/6.5mm circular needle. I would probably use a size US9/5.5mm on my next one though.
The bag holds a lot.
On the smaller needle, cast on 42 stitches, knit about 4inches/10cm in garter stitch.
Pick up and knit 20 stitches on the short edge, then the 42 stitches on the long edge, and 21 stitches on the final short edge.
There should be a total of 125 stitches.
Knit 3 or 4 rows in the round.
Change to the larger needle and knit 1 row.
Begin pattern.
I opted for; yarn over, knit 2 together through back loop/twice, knit 2.
One could also do ; yarn over, knit 2 together. Any lace pattern is going to work if you do the math right.
Just keep going until you have about 10 inches/26cm of bag.
Switch back to the smaller needle and knit about an inch. Do garter stitch for an half or so inch.
Final row. (based on my count, your count will be based on your pattern and numbers)
knit 6, the distance from bag sides to handle. Knit 8, the handle stitches. Bind off looseley 14 stitches using a larger needle. On the working needle knit 8 handle stitches, the 6 handle to side stitches, the 20 side stitches and another 6 side to handle stitches, total of 32 stitches. Knit another 6 stitches and then 8 handle stitches. With the larger needle bind off 14 stitches. Working needle now knits 8 handle stitches. Knit the remaining stitches, 6 handle to side, 21 side and 6 more side to handle. You should be back to the first 8 handle stitches. Knit these back and forth in garter stitch for 12 inches/30cm. Measure the 12 inches/30cm with the handle band stretched out. place the handle on top of the next 8 stitches so that after binding off you will be able to continue on without breaking off the string. Do a 3 needle bind off of the 8 handle stitches.
With larger needle bind off 32 stitches. Knit the second handle to match the first, attach with 3 needle bind off. Bind off remaining 33 stitches with larger needle. Weave in and secure the loose ends.


En hantverkares dagbok said...

What a nice bag! It´s good that Portland tryes to replace plastic bags by other recikable (?) material. But I´ve seen very beautiful shower curtains made of plastic bags and plastig rugs wowen with plastic bags as you use rags, cut in stripes.

Lars said...

Portland is very strong on recycling. I don't think I would enjoy weaving with plastic.
(recyclable, I had to look up the spelling)

Marti Green said...

You are amazing, just love your blog. Good for you in all that you reuse, re-create, saving our planet. I have repaired things to make them last, with using stuff around the house. Just love your blog. Keep up the good work and teaching others as well.... Cheers to you......

Lars said...

Thanks Marti! every one of us must do what they can. Each and every small thing helps!

knittink said...

Eine tolle Idee. Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß mit dieser schönen, praktischen Tasche.
Liebe Grüße

Lars said...

Danke Andrea! Ich arbeite weiter an die Anleitung, habe schon 6 Einkaufsnetzen ;-D Nach ich die Anleitung perfekt habe werde ich sie wieder eröffnen.