Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's been a while...

... I've been doing stuff, just not posting about it.
Yesterday I went to buy rags for my rugs and found some really great stuff. On my way home I always pass by the Pendleton woolen mills outlet store. I have always meant to stop in but never have, until yesterday. After weaving the blankets they cut a narrow strip off the edge, and, they sell those strips at the outlet store. I bought a bunch of them. I was lucky enough to get 4 1/2 pounds all in the same color. I think it was trimmed from this blanket.
I also picked up a bunch in several different colors.

I spooled up the glacier wool and started weaving,

It looks like this. I'm pleased.
I've also been busy working on a hat pattern. This picture shows them all inside out, the one on the head is the only one that is not fully reversible.
Here it is from the right side, the rest are the same hats as above, just from their reversed side.

transferring the process from inside my head to a written, understandable set of instructions is proving challenging though.


Günter said...

Hey my radebrechender friend.The hats are really amazing. We need it here in LowerAustria, the temperatures are in the moment very very low

Lars said...

Hi Günter, I hear thta most of Europe is having a very hard winter. Here we have mostly rain, rain and more rain. It's cold, but not freezing.
P.s. you've been working on your english, must be those football trips to England ;)

Rita said...

Yepp, and in Eastern Frisia it's raining and frozen. It's all spiegelglatt ;-)
die anthrazitfarbene Mütze mit dem blauen Muster mag ich ganz besonders

En hantverkares dagbok said...

What a nice quality with rugs with wool! And so creative. These rugs would be needed this winter in Europe, it was -33 degrees C on christmas eve in northern sweden.

Have a happy new year!!!!!

Orinoko said...

Happy new year Lars! Finally you´ve found your keyboard.
When i looked into this orphaned blog last week, i´ve thought you´re working at your first million with those knitted shopping bags.

Lars said...

Rita, bleib doch ins hause, willst gar nicht dein Gelenk wieder zu verdrehen;P

Ulf, I'm really liking working with the wool. It's very thick and about a centimeter wide, I double the strands and get about 1cm per shot. Stay warm.

Orinoko, good to see you. Yes the Blog did seem to be an orphan for a while. I'll try to do better. I did finish another chair. I just need to get a good photo and post it. What a lazy blogger;D

Günter said...

oh please do not remenber me to the football trips, I miss it ! :)