Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The first rug is off the new loom

Made from Flannel scraps, sheets and shirts on cotton string it measures 22"x54" (56cmx137cm). Large enough to absorb lots of mud and rain from any puppy paw that has to walk over it to get back in the house ;)
While building the loom I also built a knitting frame to use my T-shirt scraps. It makes a nice thick double knit fabric, but frankly, I'm not that impressed with the process. Hooking the preceding loops up over the new loops is tedious. It's probably easier than knitting such a large heavy piece on really long big needles but I think I'll stick to woven rag rugs.
The piece is 30"/76cm wide, which will probably end up being it's length as I think I'm just going a couple more inches and binding off. Been there, done that, moving on.

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Natty said...

Crocheting a rag rug is far easier than knitting, IMO...