Friday, January 8, 2010

Rag Rug, Part two

After getting some advice I ripped out the first rug weaving attempt and started over. The result is the one on the floor. The hanging rug is my second rug and I am now working on the third one. Between rugs number 2 and 3 I discovered what heddle bars and shed sticks are for so this one is going even faster.

I feel almost secure enough to now build a more advanced vertical floor loom. Something along the lines of this.
But a lot less expensive. I have most of the materials needed on hand in my woodshop, I just need to figure out the design of the loom based on what I have to work with.

(click on photo for enlarged view)


Anonymous said...

Your rug project seems to go very well. Ifyou want to develope your rugs you canactually weaw pictures in the same loom it you weaw tapapstry.
Let us the what your new loom looks like when it´s done. / Ulf

Anonymous said...

Tapastry it should be