Sunday, February 28, 2010

The latest rug.

My newest rug.
Mein jungster Geflickteteppich.
Min nya trasmatta.

23x63 inches/58x160cm. just a little larger the previous(the blue/grey one)

The whole collection.

Die ganze Sammlung.

De hela samling.


Steven said...

Gefickteteppich!? What have you done with the rag rug?

Lars said...

ooops! I f****up. now the "L" is there and the rugs are now no longer f***.

Anonymous said...

Wyoming Fat Broad said...

De rugs look zo Skandia dahling, wis all de blues an de vhites. Geoff must be zo proud uff you.

Lars said...

I don't know if he's proud of me, I'm sure he thinks I'm crazy though. Nevertheless he's placing rug orders with me. He needs a long runner for the hallway and a new wider rug for the front porch. Oh, and he wonders if I can weave up some dishtowels and vest fabric.