Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rug #6

Just finishing up rug #6. . Thanks to Ulf's advice the edges are a little more even.
It measures 22x52 inches/ 56x132cm.

The left edge is bit longer than the right, the warp strings were somehow a little looser along there. I need to learn how to warp the loom more evenly.


Anonymous said...

It really is such a nice carpet and my mother use to say that it should be seen that it´s handmade.

However I think you find good god advices be reading and a book about the art of weawing and how to make the warp the same length. / Ulf

Anonymous said...

...and i beleave a warping board or a warping reel are the key words for an even warp. / Ulf

Lars said...

Hi Ulf, I do use a warping board to get the lengths all the same, some just seem to loosen up as I go. I guess I just have to keep making rugs until I get it right;)
I have seen a warping reel on the internet, they look like they need a lot of room to function correctly though.
There is a book that I need to go find at the library, The Techniques of rug weaving by Peter Collingwood. I just haven't gone to the library yet.

Leonardo Ruivo said...

Hi Larss, thanks for your visit... your works is so beautiful too! My english is not so good! rs, sorry! Take care.

Lars said...

Leonardo, your english is much better than my Portugese;D

Lars said...

I figured out what part of my problem with the tension staying even was. The beam was smaller on one end, every time I wound the already woven part onto it, the one end would gain a little more slack than the other. That problem is now fixed and I'm warping for the next project. Hopefully it will go better.