Sunday, May 9, 2010

What's up Lars?

Yesterday Geoff and I went to the annual Bonsai exhibit at the Portland Japanese gardens.

I've been collecting some tree and shrub seedlings from around our garden. maybe some day a couple of them will have the potential to become Bonsai.
Meanwhile I've knocked together some old scrap wood into molds for making some paper/cement training pots.
I'll do a post later on the pots.

I've also got my log soaking to keep it wet until I start making chair parts.
And I'm warming up the soil to get ready tp put in the tomatoes.
I've almost used up the warp I have on the loom and will soon be able to wind on a new one, one which will hopefully be evenly tensioned across the loom.

It's spring you know, it's time to get involved with as many projects as possible;D


En hantverkares dagbok said...

It looks like you have a lot to do, don´t forget to eat and breath :-)

Looking forward to see the pots


Lars said...

Breathing seems to be happening whether I think about it or not, although sometimes sporadically. Eating on the other hand is something I tend to forget about when I'm involved with doing something.