Saturday, May 15, 2010

The wood is starting to tell me...

... What kind of a chair it wants to be. It turns out that it wants to be a bit different than what I had in mind for it. It wants to be more rustic and natural. Maybe not THIS rustic, but definitely not refined. Looks like I'll need to go out and find a more appropriate piece of seat wood than what I have on hand.
Der Holz fingt an, mir zu erzählen was für ein Stuhl er will werden. Nicht genau was ich plannte, eher primitiv und natur gemass. Da muss ich jetzt ein Sitzbrett aussuchen der mehr geeignet ist als was ich schon habe.

The black locust tree was cut down last year and is truthfully now too dry for this technique, but I can still work with it. It is also more knotty than is preferred. My wood guy and I are just getting to know one another though and he seems to have an understanding of what I'm doing and should be able to supply me with wood more suited to my needs in the future, which reminds me, he was looking at felling an Elm last week, I need to call him.

Das Blacklocustbaum war im vergangene Jahr gefällt und wirklich ist schon zu ausgetrocknet für dies Technik aber ich kann noch damit was anfangen. Er ist auch knotiger als gemöcht. Mein Holzmann und ich aber nur angefangen haben uns zu kennen, er schaint aber zu verstehen was ich tue und soll zukunftiger mir ausstatten können mit was ich brauche. Da erinnere ich, er hat ein Ulm angeschaut dass er fallen würde, ich muss ihm anrufen.

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I have the two arms and crest rail roughed out. I really want to keep the rustic edge of darker wood even though I know it isn't really very sound wood, but then I'm not an expert chairmaker and am allowed to do things "wrong". (can you see the mischevious smile of the creative rather than technique oriented guy?)
Die 2 Armlehne und der Gipfelkamm sind schon grob entworfen. Ich will den dunkler Holz am Randen haben, auch wenn ich weiss das er nicht genau vernünftig ist. Ich bin aber kein Expert und kann was "falsch" tun. (könnt ihr der schelmischer Lächeln der eher kreativ als techniker Mann hier sehen?)
I have also built a rooting frame for rooting cuttings from various trees and shrubs from around the garden. Hopefully some of the cuttings will strike and turn into potential material for future bonsai. It's an old cement mixing trough that had gotten holes in it. I built up a wooden frame on top of it and have an old window over it to create a kind of mini greenhouse.

Ich habe auch ein Minipflanzhaus gebaut worin ich hoffe die Abschneidungen von Bäumer und Buschen Wurzeln zu schlagen würden. Die würden zukunftiger potenzial Bonsai werden.


En hantverkares dagbok said...

You are doing such well crafted chairs without any help but I just wanted to show you what I think is the best in scandinavian woodwork today. And a bit simular to your own design. All that Norrgavel does is not that good but I think Länsstol is a masterpiece.

Lars said...

Ulf, that is a stunning piece of work. My all time favorite chair is Hans Wegner's peacock chair.

En hantverkares dagbok said...

Yes danish design is always beautiful and so much more known worldwide than scandinavian design. And so is finnish design with the well known Alvar Aalto and Marimekko.

Lars said...

But it's you swedes that have conquered the world with Ikea;)

En hantverkares dagbok said...

Yes we have and with a company often accused of steeling other designers design. Perhaps partly truth but IKEA is at its best with there own design, for exemple the PS line.

Friko said...

felling an elm?
You have elms where you are?

Deutsch kann ich auch, vielleicht sogar ein bisschen besser als du. Aber von woodworking habe ich nicht die geringste Ahnung.

You are doing some very attractive work, if it is all yours.


Lars said...

Thank you Friko. Except for the 7 items tagged under Rita It's my work.
There are still a few elms around. My wood guy had to fell this one because it was trimmed heavily on one side by the power company and leaning slowly over on top of a house.

Scheibster said...

Hey Lars, how are life and the chair going? Any new pictures yet?

Lars said...

Hey Scheibster. I'm having a hard time getting motivated for this chair. It's started, but not much more than started. I need to get moving on it, the wood won't be "fresh" much longer.