Friday, July 9, 2010

Cool pig

When it gets this hot I have to do something to cool off the Ollie pig.
I put a wet towel over her and periodically spritz her with more water. She doesn't mind at all.
I tried the "pigs like mud" theory, no go. This pig doesn't even like her feet to get wet. Much less be smeared with mud. She is used to having something on her back though. After she grew too big and too fast for me to keep knitting sweaters for her, I made her her own blanket to be covered in when she went outside in the cold.
She has still not shed all of her winter bristles, she prefers to sport a Mohawk for a few weeks before shedding all. Unfortunately, where she has shed she is subject to mosquito attacks.
She has been living full time outside for the past 2 or 3 years. Convincing a 200 pound pig to go outside in the rain got to be too much of a hassle. She would go up to 32 hours before I could convince her to go outside. I decided it would be healthier for her to live outside and go potty whenever she decided than to live in the house and go only when I could force her to go outside.
She never peed in her bed when she lived in the house, but now that she has an outside piggy shelter.....


ZiZi said...

DAS nenne ich Tierliebe, lieber Lars! *daumenhoch*

Schöne Sommertage wünscht euch - ZiZi

Lars said...

Na ZiZi, wenn man so ein Tier hat kann er nichts anderes als ihn lieben.
Auch schöne Sommertage in den Schweiz sind Dir gewünscht.