Saturday, July 31, 2010

Out with the old.

The complaint was that this old wooden clothes drying rack was staining the white t-shirts and underwear. I'm not surprised, it has been around collecting dust and grime for years.
I was going to just build a new based on the old one but looked around and found these plans.
The wood dimensions seemed a bit flimsy to me though. I used 5/8" dowels and 3/4x1 1/2" supports. I also decided to not go to the all the trouble of shouldering the dowels and just did everything with 5/8" holes. I figure that if the supports slide along the dowels too much I can always pin them with 1/4 pegs later. I also used 4' rather than 3 foot dowels.
It was a little tricky getting all the parts in the right places. But I finally got it right.
Now I have a fresh new and much roomier drying rack for the laundry room.
I just need to wash some laundry now, hang it to dry instead of using the machine, and watch those energy savings pile up.


Anonymous said...

Wow Lars, die Veränderungen am Trockengestell haben richtig Pfiff. Klasse! :)

Lars said...

Danke Rita. Meine Projekten würden doch leichter gehen wenn ich nur erinnerte; jedes Mal ein Werkzeug benutzt ist soll es nachdem immer zurück wo es hingehört gesetzt werden. Ich verbringe zu viel Zeit nach Werkzeuge zu suchen.