Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Planning a Vest/ Eine Weste plannen

After doing this sample I decided to go ahead and knit up a vest. Here's the basic plan. This can be worked in any yarn on any size needles, just do a test swatch and then do the math to get your numbers. I'm using Cascade 220 and U.S. #8/5mm needles.
NOTE: All knit stitches are worked through the back loop to form a twisted stitch that stands out from the background.

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The pattern is 18 stitches wide so our 100% number has to be divisible by 18.
As we can see in the sample, a standard ribbing is not going to flow nicely in to the pattern stitches of the body, so we need to adapt our ribbing. In this case we want to begin our ribbing with purl 2 and follow the knit and purl stitch pattern of the body. As to the 90% cast on number, this will also mess up the flow from ribbing to body pattern. There is a space of 2 purl stitches between each of the pattern sets, this is the only place where we can increase without affecting the flow so our cast on number will be a multiple of 17 and we'll do an increase between the panels of pattern. In this case I cast on 238 stitches. the ribbing is then Purl 2, *Knit 2, P2, for the next 14 stitches ending with a knit 2, Purl 3 and repeat from * to end of round ending with a Purl 1. Work the ribbing to desired width incorporating the second color in the last row of the ribbing in each of the Knit 2 slots, and working an increase stitch into the center of each of the Purl 3 slots. Begin the chart and knit until you have the desired body length. body length can be determined by measuring the distance between the bottom and armhole of a favorite garment.

Next; we'll talk about beginning the armhole steeks, but first I have to knit the body of my sweater so it may be a while.

P.s. How much yarn will be needed? I'm not sure. This sweater used 800 grams. I have 400 grams of the main color and 250 grams of the secondary color, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it's enough.
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Anonymous said...

Die Spitzentemperatur betrug hier heute Mittag 37°C im Schatten.
Hör sofort damit auf, Pullunder zu stricken!!!
Ich stehe kurz vorm Exodus, krieg ja schon beim Gedanken daran einen Hitzschlag!

Lars said...

Aua Rita, geh sofort und giesse die Badewanne mit Eiswasser voll.