Sunday, June 15, 2008


Wer hat die nicht, UngeFertigte Objekte?
Who doesn't have them, UnFinished Objects?
Die Socke mit die Bären habe ich Einmal fertig gestrickt aber meine Festigkeit war zu locker und ich musste sie aufziehen. Beide "Paaren" sind schon ungefähr 4 Jahre ungefertigt.

The sock with the bear was finished once but my tension was too loose and I ripped it out. Both "pairs" have been unfinished for about 4 years now.

Anleitung/Pattern - basic sock pattern
Charts - Enchanted Knitting.
needles/Nadeln US #0, 2mm
Garn/Yarn - Socka Stahlwolle, The red is Schachenmayr Regia


Just-Chuck said...

I'm so jealous! You have that Enchanted book! (I'll have to put it on my Yule List and hope for the best.)

Thanks for the link and nice comments too, it seems we're in the same 'men who knit' pool. (Which seems to be growing.)

I only have two UFO's - And many to start. I have two pairs of socks to finish, and I'm done with my UFO's

To do list is two more pairs of socks and two scarves promised to friends. While I do those I'll think about what to do for ME!


Lars said...

Chuck, welcome. The charts can be really complicated as they're geared more to machine knitters, but completely doable.

teach your freinds to knit for themselves, the you'll have time to knit things for you;)

Anonymous said...

ich bin neidische auf deine Bären (und auch wenn dien Geoff kein Bär ist!).

[I'm jealous of your bears, even if Geoff isn't actually a bear!)

My USO's are not one, but TWO felted Squirrels, and a pair of self-striping socks (cheating I know). Somehow the bigger projects keep me more engaged. I'm focussed on an aran cardigan now -- with will hopefully be steeked again on your machine!

The norwegian you helped me with is done. I need to get a photo of it to post!

Great to hear from you Lärschen!

Lars said...

@ Tom, I've since learned the crochet method of steeking, I used it on the striped vest in the first post, if you don't want a sewn steek we can give that a try.

Lars said...

I'm currently working on another vest , fairisle, which will also be steeked.